• Take each piece and flip onto a lightly floured surface so that the seam is now on top.
  • Stretch out sideways into a rectangular mass, about 6-7 inches wide, and then fold the bottom third up towards the center of the rectangle. Now fold the top third down towards the center of the rectangle and lightly pat down to seal. Next, fold the top edge of the dough down to meet the bottom edge and seal together to form a tube of dough. 
  • Roll the tube out to desired length (~12" recommended for a nice crust to crumb ratio), and taper at the ends. 
  • Place the baguette between the folds of a kitchen towel or a linen proofing cloth, seam side down. 
  • Let rise, covered with a second kitchen towel, for about 30-60 minutes, until the baguettes feel fluffy and a dent created by pushing your finger into the surface remains in place and doesn't immediately spring back. It should have NOT doubled in size.