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Unified Mills Flour & Grain Bread Blend

Buckwheat Baguette Flour Blend, from Runner & Stone

Buckwheat Baguette Flour Blend, from Runner & Stone

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The perfect first baguette! This blend of 4 New York flours -- rye, buckwheat and local wheat varietals -- creates a dough that is easy to work with, has a rich, earthy flavor, and is packed with nutrients.  

550g Buckwheat Baguette Flour Blend

  • 15% rye flour
  • 15% whole wheat bread flour
  • 10% buckwheat flour
  • 60% sifted bread flour

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  • The Miller

    Farmer Ground Flour is an organic stone mill in the Finger Lakes region of NY that specializes in regional grains.

    More on FGF coming soon.

  • The Baker

    Runner & Stone is a beloved neighborhood restaurant and bakery in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

    More on R&S coming soon.

  • The Grain

    Buckwheat is a hardy grain well suited to the Northeast climate.

    More on this earthy grain coming soon.