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Einkorn Flour wholesale

Einkorn Flour wholesale

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Einkorn, one of the oldest domesticated wheats, makes exceptional flour. It stands out for its aromatic warm flavor, adding a subtle depth of nutty sweetness to anything you bake. It is packed with nutrients, and high in protein and antioxidants. Farmers have been growing this ancient grain for thousands of years, so it's much easier to digest than many modern wheats that have been bred for yield and gluten strength.

A few things to know when baking with einkorn. First, it doesn't absorb as much water, so it will give you a wetter dough. It also has less gluten potential, so it doesn't form those stretchy gluten bonds as much as other wheats. Don't be scared. What it lacks in easy dough handling it makes up for in exquisite flavor. PRO TIP:  If subbing in a recipe that calls for whole wheat flour, reduce water by 5-10%.

If you are not a fan of the texture you're getting with a mostly einkorn loaf, try integrating it in small amounts as a flavoring for bread. Maybe 5-10% of the blend. You’ll get that warm flavor coming through, but with the more open, airy loaf you may have been looking for.

For an easy foolproof way to savor einkorn, try it with crackers, chocolate chip cookies, pancakes, muffins and quick breads!
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