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Unified Mills Flour & Grain Bread Blend

Rye Miche Flour Blend, from Runner & Stone

Rye Miche Flour Blend, from Runner & Stone

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The rye in this signature miche from Runner & Stone is truly special, its warm spice and subtle tang permeating the soft crumb. It's no wonder New York is known for this delicious, hardy crop. Add to that the grassy brightness of spelt and the creamy, mild flavor of sifted wheat, and the result is a complex, aromatic loaf that will inspire and delight. 

577g Rye Miche Flour Blend

  • 61% half white flour
  • 23% spelt flour
  • 16% rye flour

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  • The Miller

    Farmer Ground Flour is an organic stone mill in the Finger Lakes region of NY that specializes in regional grains.

    More on FGF coming soon.

  • The Baker

    Runner & Stone is a beloved neighborhood restaurant and bakery in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

    More on R&S coming soon.

  • The Grain

    Rye thrives in the Northeast U.S. More about this aromatic grain coming soon.