Rye Miche, from Runner & Stone

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Buckwheat Baguette, from Runner & Stone

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Unified Mills Bakers Blend Recipes


Our partner bakers are true artisans who embrace the grains and flour of their region for their diversity, freshness and seasonality. They seek out new ways to combine their many flavors and textures to bring out their deepest, most unique qualities. It may be the grassy brightness of spelt lifting the deep earthiness of buckwheat, or the buttery finish of einkorn smoothing out the spice of rye. Whether a tried and true pairing or some delightful new alchemy, we invite you to let our bakers guide you on that journey of discovery. 


We want to make it as easy as possible for you to bake. We give you the flour already blended and measured, and the basic steps to turn that flour into a delicious loaf of bread. We believe the easier it is, the more you’ll do it. Sort of like living abroad to learn a foreign language. Before you know it, you’re fluent! You’ll start getting creative, making the recipe your own. All while getting to know your region’s specialty grains and supporting the farmers and millers who grow and mill them. Baking is as much art as science. No two loaves will look or taste alike. And THAT’S THE POINT! We’re here to say, it’s all going to be great. Because it’s all going to be yours.